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I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer and teacher with an emphasis on woodwinds (saxophone, flute, clarinet).  My priorities musically are versatility, innovation and fostering a deeper, more personal connection between art and audience.  I believe this can be achieved not only through relentless mastery of one's craft, but also from drawing inspiration from all art forms (literature, drama, visual) through all eras from ancient to modern day.  In our modern era it is extremely difficult to accurately define or even feel what art or the artistic experience is.  The artist's job is to find a way to bridge that gap, to convey the indefinable artistic message while at the same time not alienating the audience.  

I am comfortable in many genres, and enjoy the challenge of tackling a form that I am not familiar with.  I have extensive experience in jazz, classical, rock and roll, folk music, and the many offshoots that these great musical movements have produced.  Mixing genres is not taboo for me, but a joy, as long as the artistic impulse is pure.

I graduated Cum Laude from Duquesne University with a bachelors degree in music (Composition and Performance).   I have had the great fortune to  study with many great musicians including James Houlik, Stephen Pollock (of the New Century Saxophone Quartet), Neil Wetzel, Pittsburgh composer/conductor David Stock, and Kenny Werner (renowned jazz pianist and author of Effortless Mastery).  

I have 15+ years of stage performing experience, studio recording and touring.  I am an active educator and teach intensive private lessons to all ages and skill levels from beginner to professional.  I also coach various bands and ensembles, some of whom are already actively gigging.  I promise to help any student reach their goals (and have fun doing it!) as long as they're willing to follow my instructions and put in the work.  I currently teach at Beth Trez Music in Mechanicsburg and at State Street Academy in Harrisburg.