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Contact and Services 

Jason Mescia
327 S. Enola Dr. 
Enola, Pa 17025
(717) 265-4673



I offer services as a professional live and studio musician.  I have played live to audiences all across the country and have extensive recording session experience.  I always come prepared, always do my homework, and am very easy to work with no matter what the unique musical situation is.  As I have a solid professional reputation and work ethic, and take my work very seriously, I will only take serious inquiries and if you would like to hire me, for either an isolated gig or a steady project, compensation needs to be discussed up front.   That being said, I am always happy to participate in charities and fundraisers.  


I teach private one on one lessons and coach ensembles ranging from rock to jazz to classical.  I currently teach saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar, bass, piano, music theory, composition, and improvisation at Beth Trez Music in Mechanicsburg, and at State Street Academy by the Capitol building in Harrisburg.  Even though I stress a non-competetive attitude in learning music, my students usually excel in their goals and get top chairs in district/county bands, local competitions, etc.  The reason for this is that on top of teaching the technicalities and pitfalls of each instrument (which there are MANY), I also prioritize inspiring a sincere love of music and an understanding of the importance and depth of musical expression, which keeps all of my students motivated to really reach their goals.  Basically, I make it a point to make sure that all of my students look forward to their lessons rather than dreading them, and that they learn how practice rather than just go through the motions.

Composer / Arranger / Orchestrator

I am a professional composer with a thorough knowledge of the capabilities and ranges of most known Western instruments.  I have written for a variety of ensembles including orchestra, chamber musicians (violin quartet, piano and accompaniment), solo performer, Jazz ensemble, jazz chamber groups, rock bands, etc.  I have composed for films, independent movies, commercials, and arranged and orchestrated accordingly, whether it be for acoustic or electric instruments such as sequencers.  I have also written original music for events such as weddings for people who wanted an original and personal touch for their special day.  I am not an audio engineer but a composer so if you wish to hire me you need to take into account the cost of recording or sequencing at an engineer's studio.  I'm open to all sorts of projects.


I offer services as a musical transcriber.  Whether it's a pop song, a 10 minute long jazz saxophone solo, or an excerpt from the music from a television show, or ANYTHING, I can transcribe it to sheet music for you.  I am an expert on Finale (the definitive musical notation program) and can provide all transcriptions in a professional looking pdf. sheet music file.  Prices vary depending on the difficulty, technicality, and time involved in the undertaking of the project.